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Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro with 0.5 Tonne Crane Attachment

The Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro represents a paradigm shift in heavy material transportation, offering an innovative solution that combines efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness—equipped with a powerful 0.5 Tonne Crane attachment.

Characterized by its low ground pressure and stair-climbing abilities, the Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro delivers exceptional performance in challenging terrains. The compact design, with low carrier bed heights, enhances stability and eases loading. 

Key features of the Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro include:

  • Low Ground Pressure: Enables easy manoeuvrability in various conditions.

  • Stair Climbing Abilities: Allows access to areas previously unreachable.

  • Energy Efficient Options: Battery and hybrid power for eco-friendly operation.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Designed without hydraulic components, reducing upkeep needs.

  • Advanced Control System: Proportional and adjustable remote control system with an information display for enhanced user experience.

  • Customizable Carrier Beds: Designed to be multi-purpose, adaptable to specific project requirements.


Integrating a 0.5 Tonne Crane attachment further enhances its capabilities, allowing the Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro to handle heavy loads effortlessly. This attachment adds precision and control, enabling it to serve various industrial applications.

By replacing manual handling and the need for multiple personnel, the Tracked Carrier 1200 Pro with 0.5 Tonne Crane attachment streamlines operations, reducing both time and costs.


Trust McLeod's cutting-edge technology to elevate your next project, meeting your needs with unprecedented efficiency.

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