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HalfPint 4x4 Crane

2 TONNE - Half Pint

Introducing Half-Pint: The 2-Tonne Mini Crane Powerhouse for Diverse Lifting Needs

Discover Half-pint, our remarkably versatile 4x4 Iveco Daily equipped with a F50A Fassi rear-mounted crane that delivers unmatched power and functionality. Boasting a 2-tonne lifting capacity and a class-leading 9-meter reach, Half-pint is the go-to solution for a wide array of tasks, from landscaping and rock placement to relocating swim spas and air conditioning units.

Effortlessly Reach Up and Over with Half-Pint's Knuckle Boom Design

Half-pint's innovative knuckle boom design allows it to easily reach up and over obstacles, providing you with exceptional flexibility and precision. Its impressive payload capacity of 1.2 tonnes, combined with the option to tow a trailer, enables you to transport up to 3.4 tonnes of equipment for maximum efficiency.

Ideal for Various Industries and Applications

Half-pint is ideally suited for numerous industries and applications, including:

  • Farming

  • Horticulture

  • Small Space Access

  • Heavy Machinery Lifts

  • Marine Industry Tasks


Choose Half-Pint for Your Lifting Needs

When it comes to tackling your lifting challenges, look no further than Half-pint, the 2-tonne mini crane that packs a punch. With its industry-leading reach, innovative design, and versatile applications, Half-pint is the ultimate solution for your diverse lifting requirements.

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