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McLeod Spider Cranes

Elevate Your Rotorua Projects with Exceptional Spider Cranes: The Ultimate Solution for Adventure Activities, Geothermal Attractions, and Logging Industry Needs


Welcome to the ultimate destination for agile and versatile Mini Cranes in Rotorua, designed to tackle the unique challenges of the region's adventure activities, geothermal attractions, and logging industry. Our state-of-the-art Spider Cranes are the perfect choice for manoeuvring through tight spaces and difficult access points, ensuring seamless project execution across Rotorua's diverse landscapes.

Unlock the Full Potential of Mini Cranes in Rotorua's Diverse Industries:

  1. Adventure Activities: Rotorua's thriving adventure scene demands innovative solutions to establish and maintain exhilarating experiences efficiently. Our Spider Cranes excel in areas with limited accessibility, such as ziplining platforms, mountain biking trails, and white-water rafting facilities. Their compact design and extraordinary versatility make them the perfect tool for enhancing Rotorua's adventure offerings.

  2. Geothermal Attractions: Ensuring the safety and upkeep of Rotorua's geothermal wonders requires advanced equipment capable of navigating narrow pathways and delicate environments. Our Spider Cranes are designed for precision and stability, making them the ideal solution for maintaining and improving the region's iconic geothermal parks and hot springs.

  3. Logging Industry: Rotorua's rich logging heritage calls for efficient and reliable solutions to maintain and service heavy machinery. Spider Cranes provide a fantastic option for these tasks, thanks to their compact size and powerful lifting capacities. Their ability to access restricted areas ensures that your sawmill or logging equipment remains in optimal condition.


Experience the Advantages of Our Mini Cranes in Rotorua

  • Compact and Nimble: Our Spider Cranes boast a compact design, allowing them to manoeuvre through tight spaces and restricted access points effortlessly. Their remarkable agility makes them the ultimate solution for projects with challenging access requirements.

  • Powerful and Efficient: Despite their small footprint, Spider Cranes deliver impressive lifting capacities, making them a formidable solution for lifting heavy equipment and materials with ease. We offer both 3.2 Tonne and 5 Tonne machines.

  • Versatile Applications: Spider Cranes are perfect for a wide range of tasks, from constructing and maintaining adventure facilities to preserving the beauty of Rotorua's geothermal attractions and servicing the logging industry's machinery.

  • Safety and Precision: Our team of experienced professionals prioritize safety and precision, ensuring that your project is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Transform your Rotorua projects with our unmatched Mini Cranes, specifically tailored to the region's unique requirements.


Let us show you how our cutting-edge equipment can optimize your operations in Rotorua's adventure activities, geothermal attractions, and logging industry.


Contact us today (details below) to discover our services and learn how we can elevate your projects to new heights with a friendly and informative approach.

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